21 July 2016

KABALI - Teaser or whatever

A lot has been happening all around the globe this time around. Meanwhile Kabali fever grips the nation!!!! (Oh my God, how contagious is it gonna be)
It is normally a trend in India - movie release is always associated with a celebration of a community of people who   call themselves to be 'Fans' to the hero of the particular movie. People consider it as  a pilgrimage to visit the theatres for the First Show of the movie. (FDFS - First Day First Show as they call.)
I usually don't ever care which movie is released when. But recently I've been hearing a lot about Kabali because of the unusual hype that is happening all around. The movie features the Superstar of the Tamil industry Mr.Rajinikanth!
He is no doubts a talented actor who still has a good market and stronghold in the industry.
But there’s unprecedented pre-release buzz for this particular film which is totally weird and unacceptable. Why this pointless exaggeration????( I know I'm likely to be insulted for stating this 😁 of which I'm least bothered about😂)

The irony is that there are still people who worship actors like anything. According to me this is total stupidity.
I even heard of corporates declaring holiday for the day of release of this movie. I just don't understand why the same morons who do not even care about the well being of their employees during calamity, or give sufficient maternity leave, or grant them leave to celebrate a special occasion with the family are all of a sudden so concerned about the release of a movie???
I came across an image that poked me deep inside. Yeah! It was the image of a pastry with the Kabali theme.
I really value the creator of the pastry and I know the amount of perseverance that has gone into its creation. But I really feel pity about the clients who ate it up! Seriously now Kabali has been eaten up somewhere around!!! LOL
My highest expectation as of now is that, as the theme Kabali has now started entering all business sectors, now there will be a heavy competition between firms that are introducing Kabali products. (Even Uber has announced discounts!)
I'm looking forward to the following versions of the same:
1. Barbequed Kabali
2. Kabali Kotthu Parrota
3. Creamstone Kabali


Oh comeon...... Wake up people......It's only a movie .......an entertainment after all!!