29 April 2011


                 There are many evergreen school memories that I still carry along. I would like to put down a few of them down here. Ours was a very strict school I would tell you. Only the morning time before the assembly we will have our teacher out of our class.(! :( ?). Sometimes our class teacher enters the class even before the assembly and tries to calm us down.( *sob sob* ). Whatsoever,...that is our prime time of chit chats, celebrations and roaming of course. Everything comes to a full stop when we hear the 'ding dong' bell sound. Yes! it will be time for us to assemble in the ground.But I remember not going to the ground often. Yes,we would go to the stage straight away because we were in the school choir. Seriously I've had some terrible fun times with the school choir. On stage song selections, communicating while singing, choir practices in prayer cell, laughing at the silliest things ....just nostalgic!! I still cherish them and miss them indeed. We have rarely had any official practice sessions. We used to select a song and sing it on the spot! And I'm glad we've done justice to most of the songs.
                 It was so that soon after the march past drum-beat stops, we should start the prayer song. That very day, I don't exactly remember what really happened, but we didn't select the song. We were on the stage still turning the pages of the song book. The march past may stop anytime! The pupil in the second row(including me) finally selected the song, "Father we thank thee for the night". We almost didn't have time to tell the song to the girls in the first row. We had a feel of success when the march sharply stopped. We cheerfully started the song as we usually do, and to our surprize, we heard the first row singing something else! It was a shock I'll say. But all I could do is laugh. The entire last row burst out and a few of the first row did laugh too! People who realized this were laughing off stage. And then I realized that the first row has taken the wrong page and has sung the song "Father lead me day by day". I was damn sure that we'll be fired. But to our surprise some of the teachers were fuming while our principal was like 'it happens' and cheered us up with a piece of advice. As a choir we have entertained the entire school, that we receive comments from every corner. I frankly agree that we had burst out for even smallest of the things still no idea why we behaved this silly. Our juniors who were in the choir couldn't stand our unlimited fun and let the choir! We were named 'the naughty choir'. So we became 'famous I'll say.
                      But there were backtalkers of course which we never minded. Somehow the assembly gets over in not less than 15 minutes and we will be back in our respective classes.
                       Now comes to my mind another sweeeeeeet memory. Yes! we used to utter a word of prayer before the lessons start. I haven't even cared what exactly we blabered then. But now when I think of the corporate classes now, I sat down to recollect old memories. Fortunately I could still remember few lines. I managed to pen them down here. On the course I realised how deep the wordings actually were. I have added those prayers here for everyone of you. Simple words with a crisp meaning. Instead of blabbering
Feel free to drop a comment if you didn't spot me out here ;)

something like O God please help me....bla bla bla, just use these prayers and stay blessed.

Morning Prayer:

Dear Lord, as we begin this day's work, we seek Thy blessing. Give us wisdom to understand the lessons well. Help us to be kind and good. Amen.

Lunch time:

Bless this food, O Lord, and give us health and strength. Amen.

Exam prayer:

O Lord, we are going to write an exam. Be with us. Give us heavenly wisdom to understand the questions and write proper answers. We have studied well Lord(!?). Do bless our efforts. Amen.

Evening prayer:

Dear Lord, we are going home now. Grant us travelling mercies and be with us always. Amen.