22 December 2012

Palakkad Fort 360degree

              Palakkad lies at the foothills of the Western ghats on the western side of the Palakkad gap. The Allahabad pillar inscription of Samudragupta(330-380AD) mentions that they led an expedition to Palakkad in the Southern region, which is identified as Palakkad.
The date of the fort goes back to the medieval period. The fort was refurbished by Hyder Ali in 1766. Hyder Ali vastly improved the fortification considering the strategic position of the fort. Till 1790 the fort was continually in the hands of the Mysore Sultans or the British. In 1768, Colonel Wood captured the fort. But it was retaken by Hyder Ali a few months later. The fort was recaptured by Colonel Fullarton in 1783. The Zamorin of Calicut made some successive expedition attempts and temporarily occupied it. Later the place was under the control of Palghatcherry Sekharvarman, who ruled many of the feudatories of the Zamorin. In 1790 it was finally captured by the British East India Company by Colonel Stuart.
The fort built is of granite, rhomboidal on plan with walls of enormous thickness. The fort has seven bastions and a moat all around. The fort was entered through a single draw bridge. Inside the fort there are a few tiled buildings, granaries, a stepped well and a place of arms. This is an inland fortress suited to withstand artillery bombardment.
I've been fortunate to go walking around this fort so many times and click something!
The entrance - stone draw bridge
The moat
The stepped well


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