21 October 2014

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

          We were on a flying visit to Chennai. During the return journey we decided to drop in to some tourist spot. After spending a night in Mamallapuram we started southwards. Now we realised that Vedanthangal was a spot somewhere on our way. We decided to stop by the bird sanctuary and spend some quality time. We googled the route out and took the right turns and we were there in a couple of hours.
          As this was not pre-planned we did not have binoculars or other aids. Our cameras with full charge were waiting to click the best of migrating birds' sight!
          Finally we entered the site. We sure felt that something was unusual about the place!
Read on to find what happened.

          This was my first time in Vedanthangal and I was super excited about the trip. The fact that I can have a good deal of work with my camera was cheering me. (I was still in hangover that we shortened our stay in Mamallapuram).

We could only see empty benches, empty ponds, empty tree tops...... on a whole an empty bird sanctuary! Yes! it was off-season! We had no idea of that before. Since it was not in our plan to visit Vedanthangal, we didnot consult with any experts either.That was an ultimate BULB for us.

We were lucky enough to see this awesome creature though!! Now this specially abled birdie was named as "Tap-Mouthed Bill" by the author (Pipe-vaayan in the regional language-Tamil).
He managed to strike fantastic pose for me indeed!

Please pardon me if you came in here expecting tourist information regarding VBS :P


  1. Hahaha!!! Pipe vaayan cracks me up!!!!! :D

  2. So natural..... whenever I go near to the nature it gives me pleasure at the bottom of the soul...

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