14 June 2012


 It came to be a surprise that when my exams were going on, dad announced the family holiday! When he told the spot I wasn't quite exited coz I didn't know the place. I couldn't pronounce it even.And when it came to the dates, it was disappointing, because it was scheduled between two of my exams. To my surprise dad informed that I'm also going!! Finally the D-day came!!   On the fine morning of 28.05.2012, after finishing breakfast in Palakkad, we started our journey towards the hillstation- Nelliampathy.In about half an hour or so, we reached the foothills – Nemmara. Soon we were in the check-post. After the formalities, we moved up along with our guide. It was so green all around! The roads  were pretty good too.        
The scenery was awesome! We kept on slowing down and stopping every now and then for enjoying the beautiful scenes and took photographs.  Our guide requested to turn off the air-conditioning, so that it would be easier to take pictures on the go. Seriously I would say, we didn’t feel a change in temperature when we lowered the shutters! Nothing to exaggerate or flatter..It was that pleasant!! The view of a dam from the altitude was cool.

There were very few hairpin bends. There were many view-points which gave awesome views! In little time we had moved up!

We were seeing tea estates on our sides. 
What a sight it was!




Then we headed to the orange farm. Bought a couple of saplings of orange, guava , strawberry etc. The paschen fruit garden was fantastic too. The vast garden of anthuriums and orchids was fabulous! Unfortunately for us they weren’t for sale.. After roaming in the garden, we decided to go for lunch. ITL resort satisfied our tummys to our hearts content.

Then we moved on and went to an AVT tea factory and bought some fresh tea.
Our guide promised to take us to an amazing viewpoint. He told of its dangers too! He asked us to keep moving one behind the other. The path was narrow. He walked fast. Somehow we managed to follow him. He showed the signs of elephant’s presence sometime earlier. We may encounter an elephant face to face anytime! We were holding our breath. The guide told us not to panic by all means. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw footprints of an elephant. 

Mammas BP sore and she slowed down. Then we came into a clearing. It was bright outside. It was amazing to see the dense trees from the clearing. 

Then we went to the Poabs garden. We were told that all the products of Poabs were purely organic. We bought some good quantity of organic stuffs. We tasted organic tea as well! I was surprised to see the organic oranges and strawberries so tiny! They were freshly plucked and organic of course!

There was a big sloping rock. I so badly wanted to climb it, and surprisingly the guide agreed! Mom chose to stay down. Me, dada and the guide climbed up. The beautiful sight blew me off! (the wind did too). The entire dam was visible. We spotted some bisons! 
Then we went to the suicide point. Had a breath-taking view of Palakkad and Kozhikode!

Then he guided us safely into our car and we started our journey down. We had a great time feeding monkeys.

We reached Palakkad that night and celebrated mammas Golden Jubilee Birthday!

Eventhough the trip was so short , I had loads of memories to carry along.

Family holiday on mammas  half-century was really memorable!!

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