13 December 2012

A blessed decade

    Ok, so this is a story that began in the late 90s(my childhood) and still going on!
I was a developing bathroom singer then(I didn't sound good). no doubt! The people outside should bear it ;) My parents pretty much didn't consider it at all until we moved to the BSNL staff quarters in Trivandrum. My job of bathroom singing continued... Now my parents were so concerned about our neighbours, that they decided to send me to vocal classes. I was too young, but I was taken in!
    On the first day of class, myself, like my fellow mates, took a position. The master gave me a (so called) song sheet! To me it only seemed like a spoon of noodles scattered on a sheet of paper  :( yes! it was in Malayalam they said. I listened to the master and just moved my lips. Later I was told thatthe sheets were full of Carnatic 'swaras'. A 5 year old wouldn't tolerate such things for sure. I came home and my mom eagerly asked to sing what I learnt. I could only cry showing her my song sheet. A few more of such classes went on. I was always excused because of my age!
    Then we moved to Nagercoil where I continued to be a bathroom singer. It was then i was forced to go to the church choir. It was damn  boring, but still I had to go. My precious weekend nap-time was ruined.  Then gradually I made friends in the choir and created some interest all by myself. Days went on interestingly and I would wait for the weekends(choir practice) to come.On the course I've even had thoughts like 'if only I had school on weekends and choir on weekdays'!!! Going late,getting same kind of dresses, getting punished(!), change of place for talking.........aah...enjoyed every bit of it.At one point of time I even started inviting people to join the choir. Yes! I was going crazy or mad i don't know :D
    I was singing treble all these days. Now we were practicing for a competition, the junior choir. The alto of the choir was sounding feeble. So, with the music knowledge I had, I was trying to boost her volume up by singing along with her. That was when the choir master said that I sounded good and "Why don't you try alto too" he added!! It was a shock for me. But that is how 'accidentally' I started singing alto. Being one of the youngest altos in the church choir gave a sense of pride. It was only after that i did vocal exercises all by myself and drew myself into the music world so deep. I started to enjoy music and singing. The aunties and paatties in the choir were proud of me!! Some were backbiting though :/
But music began to run in my veins. I started spending more and more time on music(both instrumental and vocal). At times I even didn't care about academics! Music was too much fun. Thankfully my parents were always supportive. What else should I need?  I thank God for this.
When I turn back, it's been a decade of choral singing!!!!!!!!which I couldn't have traded for anything better.
    Can't forget the memorable times we've had as a choir. Good times, travels, terrific fun times, practice sessions turned to chit chats and so on...........
And now I'm part of the Kanyakumari Choristers Association!!!
I've been fortunate to learn Western Classical music recently.
I'm so thankful to the Lord Almighty for His grace. I will continue to sing for the glory of God.


  1. Wow,you are definitely blessed.Not only blessed,you also decided to take the chance that came your way and make the best out of it,which not many do,which I didn't do.Wonderful post.Wishing you happier caroling ahead!!!

    1. So sweet of you dear :) :)
      Wishing you too a blessed season ahead!!


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