21 May 2011

A Tale of Tails

Just imagine! You wake up one fine morning to find that you have a tail...similar to the monkey's one ...Horrified, you leap from your bed and rush into the kitchen screaming only to find that your mother too has grown a tail overnight. The difference is her tail is beautiful and luxurious, like that of a throughbred horse while yours is plain and  ugly....What then?
You come to school and find that all your classmates and teachers  too have  tails now. Some have monkey tails, still others have cat-tails, a few  others have pony-tails, while still a few get only a doberman's stub in the place of a long tail. What then again??!!?? Then to make things worse, your principal comes up with the craziest new rules about dressing
Rule 1: Girls with pony tails must braid their tails
Rule 2: Boys must crop their tails short and comb it down.
Those with dog tails will wag while elephant tailed or monkey tailed students will have some mischief accomplished to show off their special  endowments.Moms will have a tough time to convince boys that oiling their tails is a better or rather a healthier option than gel.  
Stretch your imagination a little further....Soon communities will raise a big hue cry over the proper way to 'wear' our tails.While Indians and Arabs will expect to hide their tails, the westeners will decide to make a hole in one's outfit and let the tail hang out!!  Monkey-tailed girls will envy pony-tailed girls while Doberman-stumped girls will rush about getting 'tail-wigs' for themselves.
I cannot think beyond this point. I mean I will definitely go crazy if I try to. I hate tails right now. God decided  that I should be 'me' and not anything else! I think I should say a million thanks to this Wise Creator:- 
He gave me a heart and He gave me a smile; He gave me Jesus and made me His child; But right now I just thank Him for making me, me.
psa:139:14.."I am fearfully and wonderfully made".
Can you believe this? Well, if you don't....you're gonna have nightmares of tails tonight. Is that ok for you?

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