21 June 2013

Something out of Nothing - A testimony

            I strongly believe in the fact that photographs have a story behind(Inbox me if you disagree).I would like to share one such story here.
     I was walking around my aunt’s garden when I saw this particular flower. There it was in one beautiful pot – Thunder lilies!! They had bloomed for the first time! They were fresh and colourful.
     As I was clicking pictures my aunt told its ‘history’! 
That particular plant was a miracle she said. She went on to explain. A friend of my aunt gave her a bulb(root of lily). It was transported from over 700 kilometers! And needless to say, the condition of the bulb was pitiable. It was dry and seemed dead.(you can very well guess the service of parcel-service/courier). My aunt was pretty sure it was hopeless to plant it and end up in vain. But in order to respect her friend she decided to give a chance. So she planted that with very little hope. She never failed to water that and check its growth everyday. Days went by , but nothing really happened. Months went by and not even a single leaf shooted out . Sadly my aunt thought of checking if the bulb got rotten. But  waited  for another month.  And to her surprise something shooted out of the soil!! Unbelievably that shoot had buds!! Yes, a bulb not even capable of bearing leaves has buds! And finally they bloomed!  It was definitely the best moment for my aunt.

           Now as I was clicking, they seemed to smile at me! The breeze blew by and they winked at me!     WOW
What a reassuring story this is!
          Yes, God can make something out of nothing. Just don’t lose hope. There is no second-guessing what God intends for you. He wants to take your life as he did mine and make it a new.
           Formlessness - that is what God sees, yet in his creativity he can see what we can become. He can fashion lives anew.
           Also God creates something out of nothing. Therefore, until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him.


  1. Awesome Sindy.... Our God can make the ordinary to be extraordinary!!! Nice analogy!!! It was good comparing it with the flower.... and nice click too

  2. What a wonderful testimony..So true, everything around is there for a reason and do have something to tell us :)


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