13 December 2013

Bla bla bla ;)

          I have great interest toward music. I love to sing all day. Seriously music is the only thing that keeps me going. I sing in the choir; I sing at home; I sing in the shower; I sing during travel; I sing in the class; I even sing in my sleep :D (wierd???)           Allright ;)         
Songs come out of me like anything. Especially when I come across new things or place or words or situation. My exams are just over and in the course of the (so called)preparations I was extensively singing. The excitement of the season (#December) seemed to carry me away from academics. And  I ended up  generating ideas for my blog!
So here are the songs that came out of my stupid heart ;) lol . The sincere poet in me popping out ;)       
  The context of the song is also presented here.
Proceed carefully!!

Now this song was born when I used my books after an era, that I got a severe migraine *sigh* But I managed to sing through!!
♪♫Pain pain go away, Never never come again; Sweet Sindy wants to learn; Pain pain go away!  ♪♫

And this was born while taking pills for the same ;)
♪♫ Swallow swallow I will swallow tablets; Any colour any shape, I will swallow on; Swallow swallow I will swallow tablets; Whatever the doctor gives I'll swallow on ♪♫

This song was born when i was having a shower.
♪♫Yes Jesus loves me! The bubbles tells me so ♪♫
This song was born when I took a bus, really really slow. I regretted for my choice, but i could only sing
♪♫ Four track roads....Take me home....To the place....I belong! Nagercoil......Land of wind mills....Take me home♪♫
This song was born when I was watching a movie.
♪♫ Row row row your boat, gently down the stream; If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream♪♫
This song was born when I was really fed up with exams.
♪♫ I'm gettin' nothin' for Christmas♪♫
Last but not the least, this song was born when I got a punishment in school and was running around the school ground.
♪♫Old man Johnson had a school E-I-E-I-O
He purchased land for his own school E-I-E-I-O
Here a bit, there a bit, everywhere a bit, bit, bit
Old man Johnson had a school E-I-E-I-O♪♫

More projects coming out in Tanglish and Manglish ;) Stay tuned!
P.S. : This post is not to hurt anyone's views. Sorry If i have done that.  


  1. That's cool... :)
    Bt i don't know frm whr u copied all these !!! :P

    1. Why should I copy?
      Song 5 is from a movie n i've mentioned that


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