22 June 2014

Boost Ad. Teaser

Today was an entirely shocking day for me.

Shock number 1: I read news in  my phone!!

Shock number 2: I came across a shocking news

Today when I was scanning through the NDTV updates in my phone I came across a shocking news. The news was very shocking compared to the news I have heard in the near past!! The shock was because it was about a cricketer! (I never see very many cricket updates) . The shock wouldn't have reached this level if the news was about any other player.
By now you would be fed up with the word 'shock'. I know it's time to reveal the shock!

So this was the news:

"Virat Kohli Loses Number One Spot in ODI Rankings"

The reason cited was that he skipped the three-match series against Bangladesh. I was wondering how could he ever skip an international tournament. First I thought he was still in the IPL hangover! It should be noted that in the Indian ODI squad, Virat has now established himself in the Test team as well, taking the No. 4 spot vacated by Sachin Tendulkar(Now I know how Virat got into this trouble); also Virat lead the Royal Challengers Bangalore and got 359 runs in just 14 matches!!!Then when I was thinking more about the IPL 2014 something flashed in my mind. The IPL began in April and ended in June. As we have seen in the television ads. Dhoni gives Boost to Virat! Now that is the secret of Virat's successful career I presume. Now this TV ad. was launched sometime in March 2014.


 As the ad. says Boost is supposed to give 3 times extra stamina in 120 days. Dhoni should have given Boost to Virat with an intention of improving his ODI performance. But unfortunately the IPL came in. So the Boost which Dhoni gave to Virat got used up during IPL itself. What would Virat do for the Bangladesh series. His stamina after 120 days has not been revealed yet :P Now that his ODI rankings have dropped we can just assume his condition now.

Dear Dhoni, please give Boost to Virat before the next International tournament.

Dear Virat, please take Boost for maintaining your stamina & ODI rankings.

Pictures & statistics courtesy: Internet


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